Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is a production builder?

A production builder builds within structured developments, and offers a home and the lot as a package. They offer a wide variety of personalization options such as colors, cabinets, appliances, and faucets. 

Production builders tend to build a higher volume of homes than custom builders. With a more streamlined process, production builders can offer homes at a more competitive price, while still offering an array of options to personalize the buyer’s home. For more information on the RYN Built production building process, please request the Home Builder Breakdown booklet from your agent. 

Why can’t I customize my plans?

Customizing plans requires significant drafting, permitting, and field changes, which increase costs, build times, and opportunities for errors. In order to provide a competitively priced home within a reasonable build time frame, RYN Built Homes does not offer customizations. Instead RYN Built Homes offers an assortment of specific options with our pre-sale homes that buyers can choose from. Additionally, with our Design Center meeting and flooring meeting you will see a collection of personalization options that allow you to make the home yours. See the Buyer’s Choice Section below for more details. 

What is the difference between Towne Series and Signature Series?

We have broken our communities out into two series: Towne Series and Signature Series. Towne Series is our entry level. Typically, these communities are heavily focused on speculation or spec homes. The emphasis on spec homes allows for more efficiency and quicker build times. 

Our Signature Series is our higher end. The homes are generally a little larger overall, price point is typically higher, there are generally more options available, and there are more pre-sale contracts. 

What is the difference between a pre-sale and a spec home?

Speculation (spec) homes are pre-selected by the RYN staff. All structural selections have been made internally and cannot be adjusted by a buyer, due to permitting production already taking place. However, depending on how far along the home is in production, there are often still many options available for buyers. If purchased early enough in the production process, Buyer’s Choice and floor selections may still be available. If either the Buyer’s Choice or flooring are listed on the spec addendum, the options are no longer available for a buyer to change. One of the largest pros to purchasing a spec home is generally a shorter closing date. For specific cut off dates, please discuss with your agent.   

Pre-sale homes allow a buyer to select the lot, the floor plan of choice, and all structural options for that home. A pre-sale contract also will have the ability to really personalize their home during the Buyer’s Choice meeting with our Design Center expert, as well as at their separate flooring and counter top meeting. 

Can I add more windows to the home?

We offer specific window size, and location options for our pre-sale homes only. If you purchase a home that is already in the permitting phase, window changes are no longer available. Energy code requirements take into consideration added windows for the heat loss calculations, and windows are ordered well in advance. 

Why aren’t all the lots available all at once?

Generally, we prefer to release lots within the communities in a specific order. This not only creates efficiency for the building process, but it also confines the construction to one area of the community, rather than spread throughout. It additionally means that as buyers move into their homes, the construction is moving further and further away from them, creating less noise and inconveniences for the home owners.


When does production start on my pre-sale home?

The internal process on a pre-sale contract begins as soon as the deal has been signed around by both parties. Our drafting department and permitting process start simultaneously shortly after a contract is submitted. Drafted plans are completed prior to the Buyer’s Choice Meeting. Due to the varying lengths of time each city requires to review plans, we start the permit process as quickly as possible to shorten the overall build time to our buyers. Because the permitting and drafting take place so early on in the process, it is imperative that minimal changes are made during this time, so as not to hold up the schedule. Which is why there is a one week (5 business days) deadline from the date of the contract signing for any changes offered on the Addendum 2.

Once the permits are received, ground will break on the home and the build production will begin. This takes place typically about 5 to 6 weeks after the contract signing. The remainder of the build time can vary, but usually concludes about 5 months after the dig. 

Can I check into the process and take pictures as my home is being built?

Yes! However, safety is a top priority for us here at RYN Built Homes. During the early phases of the build process, we as that you please not step foot onto the lot, as it can be quite dangerous with cement trucks, the movement of lumber, and the walls and roof going up during framing. Additionally throughout the entire building process, the home is an active, hard hat required construction site, with many trades and their equipment constantly in and out of the home. 

To ensure the safety of our buyers, unscheduled visits are strictly prohibited. It is important to remember that until funding and recording, the home and lot belong to and is RYN Built Homes property. This is beneficial to you as that means RYN Built Homes assumes all responsibilities and liabilities during the building process. However, we want to ensure this is an exciting, memorable, and most importantly a safe process for you! We welcome and encourage you to schedule appointments with a RYN Built Homes representative(s) to meet at the home. That way they can ensure that the site will be safe for your access. And of course, pictures during these scheduled walks are also always encouraged! 

Tip: Schedule a walk with a RYN Built representative so that you can take pictures once all the rough trades are in, but before insulation goes in. That way you will have documentation of framing, electrical, plumbing and HVAC locations should you need them after you move in. 

Why isn’t anyone working on my house today?

With the current high demand for housing, there are a limited number of trades. RYN Built Homes takes this into consideration with our scheduling, and the next subcontractor will be there when they complete the previous job. Please take into consideration that just because your home doesn’t have trades working doesn’t necessarily mean that progress isn’t being made; there are days where inspections and administration items must happen from the city/county in order to proceed with building. 

Is my house on schedule?

Here at RYN Built Homes, communication is important to us. We know that schedule updates are one of the most commonly requested piece of information throughout the build. Which is why we provide bi-weekly status updates to all of our jobs to our representing agents once the home’s foundation begins to go in. Our agents then disperse the updates to our buyers. That way you can have comfort in knowing exactly where your home is at in the build process, even if you’re not physically there to see it. 

With that said, in construction, delays are often inevitable, though not all delays are large enough to push the house off schedule for closing. We have buffer days built into our schedules to accommodate for this. However, in the event your home does experience a significant delay in the schedule, RYN Built Homes will notify you as soon as possible, so that if an extension is required, you have as much time as possible to prepare. RYN Built Homes is happy to check on the status of your home at any time during the building process. Please contact your sales agent for any schedule updates. 

Buyer’s Choice and Design Center Options

What does the Buyer’s Choice meeting cover?

The Buyer’s Choice meeting provides the opportunity for the buyer to truly personalize their space. Shortly after there is a signed around contract, the Design Center expert will contact you to schedule your Buyer’s Choice meeting. The meeting is conducted at the Design Center in the Spokane Valley for all buyers. Out of town buyers are welcome to come to the Design Center for their meeting, if they would like to. All clients regardless of their location have the option to conduct their meeting remotely, as well. We have technology in place to fully cover all of the options as though you were still meeting face to face, but at the comfort of your own home.  

During the meeting, buyers can expect to review their site plan, floor plans, make electrical upgrades, and select options such as exterior colors, door styles/colors, lighting fixtures, cabinet style/color, sinks and faucets. The flooring and counter top selections meeting is held on a later date at the flooring company.

What if I change my mind after the meeting? Can I make any changes?

Once the meeting has concluded, pre-sale buyers have one week (5 business days) and spec home buyers have 24 hours (1 business day) to review selections made and submit any desired Change Orders. After the one week, no changes are allowed. This is to make sure that we keep your home on schedule and don’t cause any delays. 

I bought a Spec home, why don’t I get a Design Center meeting?

When purchasing a spec home, all structural options are unavailable. This is so that we can get the home drafted, permitted, and into the ground as fast as possible. If the spec home is purchased early enough, the buyer is still able to have a Design Center Meeting, as well as a flooring meeting. However, if the spec home is purchased later in the build processes, these meetings become less available. Typically right around dig, selections will be made in-house and once the Design Center selections have been added to the spec home, those options are unavailable for the buyer to make. 

As soon as selections are made, (by a buyer or by our design experts) our purchasing department place the orders for these products immediately upon receiving the paperwork. While they may not be installed right away, many of the products require a long lead-time from order to installation. Making any adjustments to products that are already ordered can cause delays, errors to take place, and/or increased costs; therefore we do not allow changes to be made. 

What kind of paint is used on my home?

Here at RYN Built Homes, we’ve partnered with Sherwin-Williams® to supply all of our paint. The interior paint  is an eggshell finish throughout the home. On the exterior of our homes we use their upgraded SuperPaint™ with SuperWhite™ base standard. The SuperPaint™ product gives exceptional coverage and protection against the elements, resiting fading and peeling to give your home’s paint color retention for years to come.    

Why do I only get 12  interior and 36 exterior paint selections to choose from?

The paint selections have been made to offer buyers a wide range of options, while also taking into consideration coverage and durability. All colors and color schemes have been selected by our design experts to provide a wide range of options, perfect for all tastes and trends. 

Why can’t I have the same color combination as my neighbor?

In order to avoid from a monotonous look in communities, we require exterior color diversity in selections from neighbor to neighbor. To do this, most color scheme selections go through architectural review committees to approve color selections.

My house isn’t painted yet, why can’t I change the paint color?

As a production builder, we process all orders for the house at one time, so that we can expedite the building process. Changes throughout construction can cause delays and errors. Changes are only available up to 1 week after documents are signed. See your agent for availability, and further details.

When do I get to select my lighting fixtures?

At the Buyer’s Choice Meeting you will be able to choose your lighting package, or select from upgraded light fixtures such as recessed lighting, premium lighting options, and pendant lights.

What are my options for appliances and when do I select them?

All RYN Built Homes come standard with a GE® stainless steel gas range, dishwasher and space saving microwave. At the Buyer’s Choice meeting you have the option to select from one of the various appliance packages offered.

What are my options for bathroom fixtures and when do I get to select them?

Moen® is our supplier for all bathroom faucets. At the Buyer’s Choice meeting you will select from either the standard fixtures or select from our optional upgrade fixtures/finishes. Check out the product details on the Design Center tab on our website or visit our Design Center. 

Additionally, Moen® offers a Lifetime Warranty on their products, which is why they are such a great product to offer. For more information on their warranty, visit

What if I want different towel bars?

If the standard selection is made for the bathroom fixtures and finishes at the Buyer’s Choice meeting, you have the option to upgrade to Moen’s® matching accessories, if selected in chrome. If an upgraded faucet package or upgraded finish is selected, the towel bars, toilet paper holders, shower curtain rod(s), mirror trim and shower door trim will all match accordingly at no additional cost.

What size refrigerator should I purchase?

We recommend your fridge is less than 38” wide and less than or equal to 70” tall to ensure your fridge will fit. The exact opening dimension can vary with flooring selection, so exact dimension should be determined at your Buyer’s Orientation walk through.

Flooring and Counter Top Options

When will I hear from the Flooring company’s designer/representative to set up my appointment?

You can look forward to hearing from the flooring representative to set up a time to discuss your home’s hard surfaces selection meeting prior to framing completion. 

Can I go to my flooring company’s showroom before my hard surface selection meeting?

Absolutely! Be sure to let them know that you are building a home with us and schedule an appointment with the representative, so that they will be able to better assist you. If you have questions on who your representative is or where you will be selecting your flooring, please speak with your agent.

I don’t want carpet on my stairs, are there other options?

Unfortunately, we only allow carpeting on our stairs. This would need to be altered after closing.  

Why does RYN Built Homes require a signed waiver to select certain types of flooring items at flooring meetings?

There are some flooring items, if specifically selected by a homeowner, in which we cannot guarantee a good match for when making repairs if the product is damaged prior to or after ownership. It is RYN Built Homes’ intention to ensure the buyer is aware and informed of possible damage risks prior to making these product selections.

Landscaping & Exteriors

Will my yard(s) be graded prior to closing?

RYN Built Homes does what is called a final rough grade on the yard(s). The purpose of the rough grade is to keep water 10’ from your home and to keep water drainage from your home on your lot.  This means they gently slope the lot to keep water moving away from the home, but do not necessarily remove large rocks, etc. If you wish to have your yard completely leveled and any large rocks removed, this is homeowner responsibility at time of landscaping. 

When should I proceed with landscaping after closing on my home? 

Landscaping should be done as soon as possible after closing on your home! 

Water is more likely to pool in yards that don’t have landscaping. Once a pool of water sits for an extended period of time, it allows a silt to form, which makes it difficult for the water to drain quickly. Landscaping helps water to drain efficiently and absorb into the vegetation. 

Why doesn’t RYN Built Homes offer fencing? 

Fencing is much more affordable when done after closing. Plus, installing fencing after closing provides neighbors the opportunity to work together and coordinate colors/styles in order to have a uniform look.  Many neighborhoods have fencing restrictions and require HOA approval prior to fence installation, please ensure you are receiving proper HOA and jurisdiction approvals prior to planning, designing, and installing fencing of any kind. 

When can I expect landscaping/exterior paint to be completed if my close date is during winter? 

If your home closes during the winter, chances are you will have an Escrow Holdback. This will be gone over with you prior to closing and will be part of your closing docs. Typically, all holdback items must will have a required date of completion specified following your close date during the warmer months.  Please keep in mind that RYN Built Homes will be completing holdbacks in the order of closings. Additionally, while our subcontractors are completing holdbacks, they are also making sure that they are completing current closings, as required by contract. 

RYN Built Homes thanks all buyers with holdbacks in advance for their understanding and patience as we attempt to complete them all in a timely manner. 

Is it safe to use De-Icer on my concrete during the winter? 

We never recommend the use of de-icing products under any circumstances. 

De-icer can cause severe damage to concrete, especially within the first year or two of being poured.  We recommend the use of only non-chemical items such as kitty litter or sand to help prevent any ice buildup during the winter months. 

Should I put concrete sealer on my driveway after I close? 

YES!!! We strongly encourage all buyers to apply a concrete sealer to their driveways as soon as possible, and on a regular basis thereafter. Concrete is very susceptible to damage and spalling in the first few years of being poured. This can be caused from extreme weather conditions, the use of de-ice, and/or the liquid de-icer used by the counties and cities transported onto the driveways from cars. Sealing your concrete can help protect from these types of damage. Consult your local hardware store for product options, application instructions, and how frequently reapplication is necessary. 

Who are my cable/phone providers? 

Unfortunately, RYN Built Homes has no control as to which companies provide service in your neighborhood or when the providers will come out to install. Even though your home is wired for these services, it doesn’t provide us with the control of when they will run the services to your home. Always contact the provider for the most accurate information and updates.

Buyer’s Orientation and Warranty

Before I move in, will I have a chance to identify any flaws/blemishes?

All buyers are expected to accompany a RYN Built Homes representative at the Buyer’s Orientation of their new home that is typically scheduled a about one week prior to closing. Upon scheduling, buyer will also be provided with a checklist of what to expect to be reviewed at the Buyer’s Orientation. During the Orientation the RYN Built Homes representative will explain how to properly maintain your home, operations of various mechanical equipment, and together, both parties will identify any items/blemishes that need correction. Additionally, the RYN Built Homes representative will cover what to expect for during your first year of warranty, what is warranty versus what is home owner maintenance, and explain what to expect for your RWC Warranty. 

It is important to note that the Buyer’s Orientation is the only opportunity to identify and repair cosmetic flaws/blemishes, with the exception of drywall and grout cracks. While reviewing the home for these flaws/blemishes, it is industry standard to be at a distance of 4’ to 6’ away. However as a courtesy, RYN Built Homes’ policy is that of 3’ distance away. 

If flaws/blemishes are noted during the Buyer’s Orientation, RYN Built Homes will typically have most, if not all items completed prior to buyers moving in; however, there are some instances that the remedial work may require to take place after closing due to order delays or the need for a specific trade to be scheduled. 

At the conclusion of the Buyer’s Orientation, RYN Built Homes will provide a homeowner informational packet left in a drawer of the home. The packet’s contents include a paper copy of a contact sheet specific to your community that lists out your utilities, city services, and emergency contact services. The folder also contains a USB that houses digital copies of the emergency contacts, homeowner manuals, care sheets, and other educational forms. It is strongly recommended that every buyer thoroughly reviews all documents and saves the contents of the USB in an easily accessible location. 

Does my home come with a warranty?

Absolutely! This is one of, if not the largest purchase you’ll make in your life. We want to ensure that you feel confident in the home you’re buying. RYN Built Homes provides a 6 year or 10 year (depending on the loan type; see agent for details) limited warranty service through the Residential Warranty Company, LLC. Buyers receive their RWC Limited Warranty book from the title company at closing. Title will also explain the homeowner’s responsibility for registering themselves for the warranty service. 

Please read the entire book carefully, as it explains the Limited Warrant in its entirety. Limitations apply, and in some instances, prompt actions are required of homeowners. It is very important to fully understand what those necessary actions are. It is important for you, as the buyer fully understand what is considered homeowner maintenance and what is covered in the Limited Warranty.  

RYN Built Homes also provides warranty service throughout the first year of ownership. A complete breakdown of the items coverage during your first year is provided in the packet left in your home. If any issues or concerns should arise, all Service Requests should be submitted through our website as soon as they are discovered. A RYN Built Homes representative will respond to discuss the concern and/or schedule service to determine that the item falls under the warranted items categorized under the standards of Year One of the RWC, and repair those items, if so. 

Do I hear from RYN Built Homes after I close?

You sure do! At roughly 45 days after closing, a we will reach out to follow up to ensure that all walk list items have been completed, and to make sure that there are no other questions or concerns. 

At about the 11 month mark, we will send you a post card reminder to schedule repairs to any settling that has taken place on your home and to remind you that your first year is nearing an end. Keep in mind, any item needing repaired must be done prior to the one year mark, so it is imperative that they are submitted as soon as they happen.   

At the conclusion of your one year, we will remind you that you that your warranty service with us has concluded and that all designated structural elements are warranted as defined by the RWC Limited Warranty and that any warranty claims from that point out must be made with the RWC. Being that this is one of the largest purchases you are to make in your lifetime, it is important to us to offer you assurance that your investment is protected. Again, we advise to read the entire RWC book upon receiving it.