About RYN Homes

With our company on its second generation of owners, the RYN standards and guarantee will be carried on for a long time.


Ryan Olson grew up in the Inland Northwest then head south to Arizona State University to earn his degree in Business Administration. After college, he worked for his family home-building business, learning each facet of the company, and realizing his passion to provide positive customer experieinces and personalized homes without the high custom costs.

He then had the opportunity to start his own home building company, Viking Builders in the Tri-Cities market. From there, he quickly expanded into the greater Spokane area, and will be launching developments soon in the Northern Idaho and Missoula, Montana markets. 

In 2020, the customer shopping experience changed for industries acrossed the board. Ryan saw the opportunity to showcase the innovative changes he and his team were making to the company in order to meet the next generation demands, by rebranding into RYN Built Homes. The name RYN Built Homes was chosen to reflect Ryan Olson's personal commitment to not only the quality of the product but his commitment to his team, the local community, and overall buyer's experience. 


As one of the area's largest builders, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. Our warranty and service program provides you with peace of mind. When we welcome each new owner to their RYN Home, it is with the pride and certainty that their family will enjoy community, safety, and affordable luxury. We work hard to ensure that as our customers' families grow, they stay with the RYN family and move up in another RYN Home.

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